Platforma International

“Platforma” is an Israeli based not-for-profit organization, established with the goal of promoting dialogue and perception change about Israel via the language of photography.

In this digital age, where every person has a camera and millions of photos are taken every day, photography has become the world’s most commonly-spoken language.

A number of notable advantages to the language of photography:  

  • It’s clear and accessible
  • Intended for wide, varied audiences (anyone can participate)
  • Immediate exposure and fast processing
  • Low costs (widely accessible)

 Goals of Platforma International

 The creation of an independent, apolitical platform which aims to expand the dialogue about Israel by: Providing topical information for discussion

  • Allowing for unfiltered exposure to individuals across very wide circles, both within Israel and around the world.  StructureEvery year a different theme will be chosen for research, photography and discussion. Themes could include identity, society, tolerance and so on. The annual activities of Platforma International are comprised of a number of cycles, each stage of which increases the exposure and distribution of the messages:

1. Initial Exposure

Aim: to awaken initial interest  and dialogue and to feature the chosen annual topic on social media, in advance of a series of designated meetings. Using social media and direct mailing, we’ll publicize a series of photos by internationally recognized photographers, which document Israel from a personal, unique, angle fitting to the chosen theme. This initial exposure is aimed to reach 50,000 people.

2. Series of Meetings in Israel and Around the World.

Aim: To investigate, discuss and photograph the chosen theme, on tours and in closed meetings, for a diverse and influential international audience. The target audience: 

Arts and Culture enthusiasts (anyone from outstanding college students to academics and intellectuals)

  • Community opinion leaders (photographers, bloggers, directors of cultural institutions, academics)
  • The younger generation, noted as an influencer
  • Exposure:  in the first round there will be around fifty people per meeting (the goal being 4 meetings => 200 people per year)
  • The construction of an online platform for the sharing and distribution of the meetings’ outcomes – text and imagery

3. International Photography Circles – ongoing projects with meeting participants Aims: 

  • To maintain the energy and momentum  from the various meetings,
  • to establish a widespread network of connections via the language of photography, with the aim of continuing the research, dialogue and information distribution,
  • to provide a “toolbox” for the meeting participants at the opening of campus meeting cycles, and in academic and cultural institutions worldwide 

4.International Photography Competition

Aim: Presenting the annual chosen theme to large audiences (not restricted to professionals)The judging panel will include key figures in the Israeli and international photographic industries, in order to emphasize the prestigious nature of the competition and prize.

Exposure: Advertising and marketing of the competition in all relevant universities and cultural institutions worldwide. In addition, exposure will be based on a pool of people drawn from the various meetings throughout the year. Estimated annual exposure: 1,000,000 people.

 5.International Photography Festival

The selected works from the competition will be exhibited at the 2017 International Photographic Festival. We see great importance in the prizewinning entry being exhibited in Israel and circulated amongst prestigious museums in a range of capital cities   worldwide.

The International Photographic Festival celebrates, together with hundreds of Israeli and international photographers, the conclusion of Platforma’s annual enterprise, and is in itself a meeting place for dialogue and distribution of knowledge ahead of the coming year’s projects!