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Platforma is a non-profit, apolitical organization created by a private group of artists and philanthropists. We believe in the power of photography to better our society.

what we believe

We pride ourselves on our  innovation in photography, exhibiting the work of international artists, and taking an active role  in various communities with special needs

What we do 

Our Annual Projects  — Throughout the year, Platforma initiates on-going activities that touch and appeal to diverse audiences and communities, from professional artists all over the world to communities in need.

Photography Festival — Once a year we celebrate photography in all its forms and its contribution to society in a huge international photography festival.

Our partners 

Photo London, Prix Pictet, Harvard University, The Israel Museum Jerusalem, The Meitar Foundation, Municipality of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Embassy of the United States, The French Institute, The Polish Institute, The Czech Center, ArtLink, and more.

Photo by Yair Barak, 2014 festival



Volunteering is an important part of our work. From Ofakim in the south to Haifa in the north, a wonderful group of photographers volunteer with a variety of communities whose voices are not being heard. Our volunteers either invite the participants to take pictures, or take photos of the homeless children themselves, so that future adopting families will be able to see a part of the child’s past.

PhotoVoice offers a platform for exposure, and helps to raise awareness of the abilities of the ‘other’, all through the language of photography. At PHOTO TLV we provide an important platform to showcase this annual activity. These exhibitions, by people whom we do not meet on a regular basis are a protected space for their voices and faces.

Partner Organizations: • Bet Amihai – Hod Hasharon • Ale – Negev, Nahalat Eran • Hakfar Hayarok – Foster Home • Geha Education Center and Kiryat Malachi • Alut, The Israeli Society for Autistic Children – Givat Brenner • Na Laga’at Center – Jaffa • Dora Community Center – Natanya


Promoting a new dialogue about Israel via photography.
By providing participants the opportunity to express their personal views via photography, a more honest and personal discussion occurs. It allows for unspoken communication, unconstrained by language or nationality, to lead the conversation. Every year a different theme will be chosen for research and discussion. Themes could include identity, society, tolerance and so on. The annual activities of Platforma International are comprised of a number of cycles, each stage of which increases the exposure and distribution of the messages:
Initial Exposure — awakens interest and dialogue, and features the chosen annual topic on social media.
Series of Meetings in Israel and Around The World – to investigate, discuss and photograph the chosen theme, for a diverse and influential international audience.
International Photography Circles — ongoing projects with meeting participants – establishing a widespread network of connections via the language of photography.
International Photography Competition — presenting the annual chosen theme to large audiences.
Exhibition — exhibition of selected works from the competition at the Israeli Photographic Festival and around the world.

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