Who are we?

  • Vision

    We are a group of people who have been working hard these past five years, voluntarily and with the intent to act for a better society through the language of photography. We believe in the ability of the language of photography which we all use daily. To document and to encourage an engaging conversation, which ranges between the real and the abstract, enable communication amongst people, bring them together, and share other people’s experiences as if they were our own. The moment becomes tangible, rather than fleet away. Visually makes something immediate and accessible out of our beautiful or ugly, pleasant or cruel reality. We bring you these ideas as part of the e 4th International Photography Festival, whose central theme is ‘Safe Haven’.

    An essential part of our activities is volunteering. From Ofakim in the south to Haifa in the north, a wonderful group of volunteers work with a variety of organizations and associations, and in communities of disabled people, at-risk youth, people with special needs, and disadvantaged communities. We do not teach photography. Our volunteers invite the participants to take pictures. Sometimes the volunteer would hold the camera and point it according to directions from the photographer, and sometimes we make life albums for homeless children so that future adopting families would be able to see a part of the adopted child’s history. The sense of fulfilment is enormous, and the results are great. Our vision is evident every day, tangible and real. Among the many exhibitions, performances, and works by well-known photographers as well as young ones, we provide a stage for those whose voices are not heard, those we don’t see, and, for the most part, those we are not interested in. PhotoVoice offers a forum for exposure, for raising awareness to the abilities of the ‘others’, and to their needs. These are moving exhibitions of work by people whom we do not meet on a regular basis, but they have their wishes, ambitions, a unique point-of-view, hobbies, loves, feelings of happiness and sadness.

    I am sure you will enjoy the festival, its many exciting shows, and the works presented here, many of which have been produced especially for this celebration of photography and humanity.

    Yitzhak Goren

    Chairman, Platforma LLC, CEO of the International Photography Festival.

  • Who are we?

    Festival Team
    Chairman and CEO – Itzhak Goren
    Founders – Eldad Rafaeli, Eyal Landesman
    Artistic Director – Eyal Landesman
    Artistic Producer – Naama Klaiman
    Chief Producer – Avi Farhi, Momentum Productions
    International Content Manager – Daniel Tchetchik
    Deputy CEO and Head of the Friends Club – Hadar Minzly
    Volunteer Coordinators– Carmella Keet, Dr. Rivka Hillel Lavian and Rami Savir
    Graphic Design – Michal Shapira
    Space and Concept Design – Ohad Benit
    Public Relations – Amalia Eyal, Eleanor Glickman
    Translation and Proofreading –Safra Nimrod
    Text Editor – Rotem Kislev

    :Artistic Committee
    Dr. Noam Gal
    Vardi Kahana
    Rea Ben David
    Etty Schwartz

    Maya Anner
    Iris Pshedezki
    Sara Laviashvili

    Sharon Tuval

    Members of the Board and Steering Committee
    Yoav Manor
    Atalia Katz
    Dalia Johananoff Kenneth

    Tal Danai
    Naftali (Tali) Idan
    Yair Rothman and Amir Neuman Ahuvia

    Erez Benovich

  • Partners